January 3rd - The Fiveways

January 4th  - The Athelstan
January 1oth - The Rising Sun

January 17th  - The Chamberlayne Arms Eastleigh

January 25th -  Thomas Tripp
January 31st -   The Oak Inn Burton

February 1st -    The Westbourne

February 6th -  February 20th Unavailable
February  28th - The Rising Sun


March 6th -     The Amberwood
March 7th    -    Broadstone BLC

March 13th  -    Thomas Tripp
March 14th  -    Private Fuction 

March 21st   -  Unavailable

March 27th -   CANCELLED  The Jolly Sailor Poole
March 28th -   CANCELLED  The Westbourne

Due to the lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 Virus all the following 2020 gigs are cancelled until further notice.

We hope to see you all soon. Stay safe! TheWiseguys

April 4th -  Mudeford Club
April  3rd - The Rising Sun

April 10th -  The Oak Inn Burton

April 11th -  The Athelstan

April 18th -  The Chamberlayne Arms Eastleigh
April 25th -  The Walkford

May 2nd  -  Poole Centenary Hall and Club 
May 8th    -   The Rising Sun 

May 16th -     London Tavern
May 22nd  -   Thomas Tripp

May 29th  -     Spyglass & Kettle

May 30th   -    Three Tuns Bransgore (private party)

June 13th  -  The Rising Sun ( Wimborne Festival) 

June 13th -   Bishops Mill Salibury
June 19th   -  The Amberwood
June 26th  -   The Rising Sun

June 27th  =   Alderney Manor 

July 4th     -   The Westbourne

July 11th  -      London Tavern

July 17th  -    The Amberwood

July  18th   -  Thomas Tripp
July 24th   -    The Rising Sun

July 25th    -  The Chamberlayne Arms Eastleigh

July 31st   -    Ship In Distress

August 1st -  Broadstone BLC

August 2nd - 28th- Unavailable

August  29th  -  Poole Centenary Hall and Club 

August  30th  - Three Tunns (Private Function)


September 4th - The Rising Sun
September 12th - Thomas Tripp

September 15th  to  26th - Unavailable.

October 2nd -   The Ship Christchurch
October 3rd   -   Mudeford Club

October 23rd -  The Amberwood
October 30th -  The Rising Sun
October 31st  -  The Westbourne

November 7th -  The Chamberlayne Arms Eastleigh
November 14th - Thomas Tripp

November 21st - London Tavern

November 27th - Ship In Distress

November 28th - The Jolly Sailor Poole

December 4th -   The Rising Sun

December 5th -   The Fiveways

December 11th -  The Amberwood
December 12th -  Broadstone BLC

December 18th -  The Ship 
December 19th  -  Thomas Tripp
December 31st -   
The Westbourne


April  3rd - Wedding  (Private Function)
  20th  - Wedding  (Private Function)

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