Perry Clayton started his career in the entertainment industry at  seven years of age, appearing in a television advert for Macleans Toothpaste. In the same year he would find himself whittled down from hundreds of children to the last two choices for a part in the epic film musical ‘Oliver’, competing against Mark Lester for the role of Oliver Twist! The rest is history!

In the years that followed, Perry appeared in many films, television shows, TV  commercials, and was lucky enough to be chosen to sing the premiere of a song written by Burt Bacharach called  ‘The World is a Circle‘ and performed it on the ‘Burt Bacharach Television Show’ in 1972. Perry’s singing talents were recognised by record producers and consequently he was used as a child backing singer for many songs, the most memorable being ‘Grandad’ sung by Clive Dunn (Corporal Jones – ‘Dad’s Army’).

Perry attended two highly regarded schools within the entertainment industry: Corona Academy Stage School and Italia Conti School for the Performing Arts. Over the years, Corona has produced outstanding musicians such as Mitch Mitchel who was the drummer for the Jimmy Hendrix experience and Jeremy Stacey, drummer for Tom Jones and the TV show ‘The Voice’. Whilst attending Italia Conti, Perry started drum kit tuition with the legendary drum kit teacher, Bob Armstrong, and continued to study with him for five years.  In that time spent with Bob, Perry discovered the discipline and dedication required to achieve his personal goal, which was to be the best he could be!

‘’Studying with Bob was the best investment I have ever made. He was an endless source of information and always had the answer to any questions relating to drums. His knowledge and skill as a performer and teacher gave me the foundation for everything drum-wise that I have built upon.‘’

Perry’s choice not to become an actor and to pursue a career as  a full time professional drummer started when he left school and was plunged into the deep end, performing in the orchestra pit playing drum kit/percussion for a musical touring show. Since those early days, Perry has played for many variety artists, singers, touring shows, cruise liners, recording sessions, television and radio shows.